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About us

Welcome to the pack! 

We are experienced Dog Walkers, Kate Fisher and Amy Woods. We love dogs, animals and nature. We are passionate about offering the highest quality care for your beloved dogs and pets, making sure they are happy and safe, whilst making a positive impact on the environment. We use sustainable, recyclable, ethical and local products as much as we can and wherever we can.

We offer pack walks, solo walks and pet care drop ins in the Dereham and surrounding areas. 


Your peace of mind and the safety of your beloved family members are top priorities for us and we do everything in our power to ensure all these aims are achieved. 

We are both 

  • Fully Insured

  • Have a current DBS check

  • Qualified Canine First Aiders 

Kate & Ash

Ash and I are so excited to meet your dogs and to go on adventures with them. It is such a great job and each dog has their own unique personality and always are little rays of sunshine.

Amy & Dodge

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Group Dog Walks

£12 for one dog per hour

£18 for two dogs per hour

Regular dog walks perfect for those sociable pups that need some exercise around lunch time when you are unable to.

Early lunch group walk - 11am-12noon

Late lunch group walk - 1pm-2pm


Solo Dog Walks

If your dog is anxious or reactive to certain things we can help by giving lots of affection and attention to your dog on its very own walk.

Only available outside of group walk hours.

£16 per hour

£16 per hour

Pet Visits

Does someone need feeding or to be let out for a toilet break? Maybe they want some attention and love and play time in the garden? Which ever it is we can pop in and give your pet the love and attention they need.

£8 for 20 minute visit

£8 for 20 minute visit


Eco Promise

One of our passions is nature and the planet so we do our best to find the options that will help us protect the planet without compromising on quality. We have considered the following topics;

  • Equipment

    • The poo bags we use come from Adios plastic and are the only home compostable bag so this ensures the bags do not hang around for thousands of years. You can order these from us if you would like to use them yourselves too.​

    • The leads we use come from a company called Project Blu. Project Blu converts a wide range of polluting materials into sustainable designs. These include ocean-bound plastic, recycled clothes, recycled leather and discarded fishing nets. And its all wondeful items for our pets.

    • Obviously we use a variety of treats keep the dogs interested to reward them, so we use treats that are made in the UK, all have recyclable packaging and some are locally produced by Pooch's right here in norfolk.

  • Marketing materials

    • We use a UK based printer to print all of our marketing materials called The Sustainable Print. They only produce things on recycled papers and keep a close eye on the carbon footprint of their suppliers and their own.

    • Our uniforms are organic and fairtrade cotton t-shirts and sustainbly printed by I Dress Myself.

  • Other

    • Banking with Triodos Bank ensures that the money from our business never gets invested in projects that never harm the environment.

    • We even use Ecosia as our web browser because the company donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation and planting trees where they are needed most.



Email - kate@a-dogs-tale.co.uk

Call - 07497 327 871

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Kate is fantastic with Darwin and he adores her. Lovely person who goes the extra mile.

- J. Larkin


Thank you Key Workers.

We offer flexible hours for you so please contact us for more info.

Email - kate@a-dogs-tale.co.uk        Call - 07497 327 871           Social media

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